On December 28, 1988, Bishop Cecil Bishop, of the Georgia Conference for the AME Zion Church, instructed Charles H. Jackson, age 19, to start a new church in Metro Atlanta. The church was named New Life AME Zion. The first service was held at the historic Booker T. Washington High School in Atlanta, Georgia, on February 19, 1989 with seventy-one people in attendance. God blessed the church that day with the joining of five souls.

In May 1992, the church purchased a permanent site at 3300 Roosevelt Highway where it experienced steady growth. By 1999, the church had over 700 members on roll with 30 active and engaging ministries including a community learning center for children. Given this significant growth cycle along with the increased level of presence and support of the church in its local community, Pastor Jackson received an “honorable” withdrawal from Bishop Johnson of the AME Zion Church. As a result, on July 25, 1999, the congregation now known as Spread the Word Church Ministries moved to a temporary location on Old National Highway. The church’s name was adapted from Pastor Jackson’s personal teaching ministry, which he established in 1993.

On the first Sunday in July 2002, the congregation moved to its current (24,000 sq. ft.) site location at 4626 Washington Road. The former shopping plaza was renamed The Christian Plaza. In tandem with the name change, the members and leaders of the church designed ministries aimed at spreading the word, seeking and helping to bring salvation to those who were lost, and helping all people live the abundant life in Christ Jesus. The byproduct of this kind of emphasis resulted in the church’s vision of equipping, empowering, and serving its people via its in-reach efforts as well as establishing viable outreach programs and activities for the local community and communities abroad. 

During the 24th Anniversary services of the church, February 2013, Dr. Jackson announced that he would be stepping down from local pastorship. Subsequently in September, he appointed Pastor John S. Battle, III and Minister Regina Belle Battle, First Servant, as the church’s future dynamite duo spiritual leaders. On December 31, 2014, Dr. Charles H. Jackson, Sr. (founding pastor) passed the "pastoral baton" to Rev. John S. Battle, III. On January 1, 2014, Spread the Word Church Ministries entered a phase of ministry marked by a call to “just do everything in love”. 

On March 2, 2014, installation services were held and the church’s second season of pastorship was underway. Pastor Battle and First Servant Battle’s love for the people became the centerpiece of their leadership as well as the healing balm (pastoral care) needed to have a smooth transition. Their practice and outward demonstration of love encouraged the church to embrace the change with the weekly reminder that “this week would be the best week of our lives”. The church’s response to their call was evident by the record number of souls (more than 80 people) joining our local body of believers in 2014. God’s love and grace is amazing.